Fiberglass Decking in Palm Harbor, Florida

Since 1995, contractors throughout Palm Harbor, Florida, have relied on Regal Decks Inc., for fiberglass decking services. With 17 years of experience in the industry and the only fiberglass contractor in Florida with approval, you can trust us to get the job done. For pricing, refer to the attached sheet.

A Place to Beautify under the Deck

After building your deck during the home building process, call our contractor for our fiberglass decking services to waterproof the living or non-living space under the deck. Our fiberglass product allows you to add a ceiling under the deck area or hang lights to enhance the beauty of the space. For your convenience, the fiberglass decking comes with a 10-year warranty.

Before the Process

Before the fiberglass decking process can begin, we recommend laying a 3/4-inch tongue and groove made of untreated plywood over the entire area. Our professionals will test the plywood for moisture, as any moisture content exceeding 20% results in the decks delaminating and cracking. Read more about waterproofing in the attached information sheet.

Our Steps in the Fiberglass Decking Process

This part of the process includes laying out a 1.5-ounce fiberglass chop strand mat over the entire area, including a 6-8" flashing up the walls. After wetting the fiberglass mat using a polyester resin, the deck is ready to set for one to five days. The overall set time depends on the ambient temperature over that period.
Once the area sets, we add a polyester-based exterior marine gel coat. Two standard colors, gray and tan, are readily available; however, we can order custom colors at an additional charge. The top coat requires seven days to cure correctly. Often before the top coat process begins, we may wait until other scheduled contractors complete their work so the finished product looks flawless.

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